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What is the geko?

Powered by OnPulse™ technology, the non-invasive geko™ device triggers the body's built in mechanisms to increase blood circulation. Small electrical impulses gently stimulate the common peroneal nerve which in turn activates the muscle pumps of the lower leg that return blood towards the heart. In this way, neuromuscular stimulation in the lower limb emulates the process normally achieved by walking (up to 60%) but without the patient having to move or exert energy and without discomfort.

A simple, self-adhesive device that is applied to the back of each knee, the disposable, one-size-fits-all geko™ device is designed to avoid the need for more complex procedures.

Instruction For Use

How to use the geko?

Disposable, self-contained geko device:

  • quick and easy to apply — it takes just 60 seconds to fit
  • simple to operate — from just one button

After simple preparation of the skin, the geko device is applied via its self-adhesive gel to the outside of the leg, just below the level of the knee, at the center of the fibula head. The fibula head can be felt as a round protrusion at the very top of the fibula bone. Alternatively the device may be applied to the back of the knee. Positioned correctly, it sits just above or just below the crease with its operating button located conveniently to the outer side of the leg at the knee.

Easy to wear, the geko device is designed to increase blood flow in a range of conditions. Small, light and comfortable, it allows full freedom of movement and, adjustable to match patient sensitivity, its operation can be hardly noticeable. Set up for up to 24 hour use, the disposable geko device is designed to be safe and hygienic.


Who uses the geko?

The geko device may be used by anyone who might benefit from increased, lower limb circulation and a reduction of blood stasis.

The geko T-2 neuromuscular stimulator device is intended for:

  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of the calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis

The geko™ device is already being used by doctors, surgeons and nurses for VTE Prophylaxis in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia and USA.

The aim of this study was to analyse the impact of the geko™ device on blood flow in the deep veins of the calf in healthy individuals. The deep veins of the calf is where early thrombi (DVT) are often thought to form after a period of deep vein blood stasis which is common during periods or immobility or trauma. Proving that the geko™ device prevented deep vein stasis would be clinically significant in the management of this indication.

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